Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Year Old Conversation

This morning's breakfast conversation:

Hazel, "I'm eating my eggs. They're going in my tummy. Then a baby will be in my tummy."

Me, "That's not how a baby gets in your tummy. You have to be married to have a baby in your tummy."

Hazel, "If I get married, can I have Klaas in my tummy? Can he be the baby in my tummy?"

Me, "No, when you're older and you have babies, you'll have new babies. Klaas can't go back in someone's tummy. He's too big."

Hazel, "I want Klaas in my tummy!"

And during all this, Klaas was eating his eggs and banana muffin and watched Hazel with his wide blue eyes. I don't think he was very aware that his sister wants to carry him around in her stomach.

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