Friday, May 06, 2011

Herbert the Alligator

Herbert is for a little guy's first birthday this weekend. Though that's just our name for him; I'm sure he'll be re-christened by his new owner. Jason helped me draw out the pattern. And Hazel is sure little N will love it. I think we'll have to make one for Mr. K.

H watching the apartment manager trim the trees. She sat out there for about 15 minutes without moving. Very interesting stuff.

I think he gets cuter and cuter.

And this is what Hazel wore the other day while watching Jason clean up our outdoor area. She's always so stylish. Please note the earmuffs underneath the hat and the owl mask. And her coordinating owl jammy pants. Also, that it is May and she was wearing her winter coat. Let me say again: it is May.

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