Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Showers

I haven't posted much on here lately...we'll just say that I've been up to the usual shtuff and trying to work on staying inspired to do new things with the kiddos.

Today I made a couple of new things for the kiddaroos, so I will try to take some pictures tomorrow. But for now, I'll leave you with some snapshots from the other day.
Klaas is as busy as ever and eats everything that gets within arms reach. Right now he has a serious diaper rash, but hopefully that will be gone soon. He also is starting to wave (!) and still jumps with happiness when he sees Hazel.

Hazel is very into using her "complete sentence" to ask for things: "Mommy/Daddy, may I please have _____." She also for some reason decided that Jason needed a tie for his birthday this weekend. I think she's been reading "Children's Gifts for Their Father 101" after she goes to bed. She also can now button her sweaters all by herself, but she still needs to start over sometimes.
This afternoon, Hazel went in their room to get out the tunnel, called to Klaas, he crawled over while she set it up, and they went to town playing together. It makes me happy.

It's been springy-ish and rainy lately. And we're gearing up for a big trip down to Californi-aye next week. We're going to be flying standby thanks to a very kind and generous friend of ours. Since it's only two legs from here to there, we're praying there won't be major hangups. And like usual, our short little week back down in the land of warmth is already filling up with planned visits with old friends and family. So excited!

I get to go to the eye doctor next week (!!), so in anticipation I've been shopping for new frames online. One company lets you get up to five frames at a time to try on at home.

That's a good thing.

We're still searching for those special frames that are lovely and wonderful and make me look like a super cool hipster.


Grace said...

Wow, I am really impressed that she can button. You might have a genius on your hands. Also, I like the first set of frames. :) Have a good trip!

Alexis said...

Oh to go home. I miss it something crazy.

HAZIE (which is what we call her 'round here) CAN BUTTON?!??! Well done.

Shellie said...

Wow-Hazel (whom we often call Hazie also) is accomplished with setting up tunnels, buttoning, and complete sentences that are polite.
I have a friend who swears be neosporin for diaper rashes.

Shellie said...

I forgot to also comment that Klaas if very accomplished with waving and standing. I do realize I am biased.
Can't wait to see all of you and you can model the glasses in person.