Tuesday, April 05, 2011

8 months

This guy is very busy. He now is pulling himself up all the time and even can cruise around the coffee table easily. His new thing is to pull himself up to a sitting position to snack on cheerios found on the ground (I swear I keep vacuuming, but he must hide them somewhere). And he still loves to follow Hazel around and try to play with her. In the morning, her very cheerful, "'Morning Brother!" makes him smile his biggest grin for her.

We have a cute little 8-month old little guy here. Hopefully he'll be standing by the summer so that my life at the park and pool will be a little bit easier.


Shellie said...

8 months already!?!? Where does time go to.
That is one mischeivious smile on his face.

Mary and Jim said...

And we have to wait 6 more weeks to see him?

The Bakkens said...

Uhh, Liz, I think what you really have to worry about this summer is having to chase after him at the park and pool this summer. Pretty sure he'll be standing by then :-)