Monday, November 22, 2010

The weather

This weekend was the start of a major winter storm up here in our neck of the woods. So far we've gotten about 8 inches of snow and the temperature outside is around 27 degrees (with wind chill it says it feels like 16). But that's nothing since tomorrow the high is supposed to be 10 degrees with a low Tuesday night of -6. We didn't get out today to play in the snow due to my recovering from a flu (Jason came down with it too), but hopefully tomorrow I'll bundle Hazel up during Klaas' nap just to sample in some of this winter weather just outside our front door.

We had a great, but short visit with Jason's mom this weekend and I took a few pictures of her tea party with Hazel. Those will be coming later!

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Amber said...

I'm really missing the snow here. People always seem to think I'm crazy, but I loved it when I was there!