Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Snow

Our first official snow was today. Of course it was all gone by about 10am, but Hazel was so excited by it all! She spent a good while staring out the window this morning before we left for our sewing group and when we got home, she kept asking, "Where 'no? Where 'no?" She has some snow boots coming in the mail, so when they get here, we'll be all ready for the season.

Some of our fall decorations around here. Sunflowers from Amaanda and our leaf lanterns. Hazel is proud to tell everyone that she made the lanterns.
A little update on the kiddos: Hazel is jabbering and talking all the time and seems to learn new things every day. She is into drawing circles and ladybugs and is always trying to count things, though the order usually is "1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 3." We're getting there.

A fuzzy, but cute picture of Hazel cuddling with Klaas on the floor.
She's starting to speak in sentences sometimes, but most of the time her phrases are commands: "sit it", "fall it", "down", "push it", and of course, "baby crying!" Her most favorite thing in the world to say though is, "I'm fine." This always pops up when we ask her to do something she may not feel like doing (coming, taking another bite, getting in the bath, sitting on the potty, etc...) so it can be a little funny, but now it's a banned phrase since it has been happening so much. She is such a joy and we love our after-dinner devotional time since she talks about Moses and Egypt (we're reading in Exodus) and can answer several catechism questions. It seems every week she's singing more words in the Lord's Prayer than the week before. Quite the little sponge! Except I need to watch myself more carefully since she now has said "Oh shoot!" when dropping something a few times. Little ears...

Our little lumberjack.
Out at Bucer's.
Klaas is....enormous! He is almost 4 months (on December 2) and is wearing 6 month+ size clothes. He loves being on his stomach (something Hazel always hated) and is trying to grab at things. Lately he's been getting better at almost getting his pacifier in his mouth (quite the feat) and of course is rolling away from front to back. We think he's going to be a little comedian since he loves to laugh and smile and is always ready to tell us a joke and coo and gab with us. He is also a complete joy, but in that different way. The little baby who you can cuddle up with and enjoy while he sleeps peacefully in our arms.

Coloring and looking like quite the big girl to mama.
Modeling yet another new hat since he has already outgrown the last one.

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love the lumber jack look. cute hat too.