Saturday, July 31, 2010


For Hazel's birthday, we made her a few new toys. One that I really like the way it turned out is her new little backpack. I used a wonderful pattern from the Made by Rae blog. It was super easy, though it did take a while with the cutting out, zipper, and piping. But still, a rather easy project. A definite recommended project if you were thinking about making something similar for your little tot.

The fabric is some Alexander Henry I bought about 6 years ago. You'll have to excuse the scuff marks on the bag. It's been toted around a little bit since we gave it to her at her party a few weeks ago.
And some gorgeous flowers my mom brought over from Poulsbo when she came on Tuesday.


Grace said...

Liz, this came out so cute!

lindsey said...

hey liz!
i've been checking your blog obsessively for new of el bambino.....can't wait to see him!

also i had to comment on this fabric - love that print. it is on the back of one of the very first baby quilts i made for mr. riley in utero. got it at r. lily stem, 50% off. could that be where you purchased it too? =) Z

Cheryl said...

It is adorable but I am sure not half as much so as your new little guy. Can't wait to see photos of him. I am not on face book for reasons that I will not go into here (but work has something to with it)so am eagerly awaiting an update on your blog.
I can't believe how much "little shoe 2" weighed -- he should be ready to walk soon (just kidding).
Much love to you all and prayers for a good night's sleep.