Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rosy Rosemary

Before we went on vacation last month, we discovered something: Hazel is slightly allergic to strawberries. We came to this conclusion after she ate a bowl of them one morning and within an hour, her little cheeks were covered in a bright red rash. So I stopped buying them for a while and then I gave her just one for lunch the other day. It wasn't as bad this time, but she still did get a little bit of redness on her cheeks, but nothing like the first time.

So now we are limiting the strawberry intake to our little one, which makes me sad since she loves them so much.

Here are some pictures of her modeling some goggles Jason found at a yard sale the day after she broke out the first time. As our friend said, she looks like a child who has never been let out of the house. I giggle when I look at these.

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Jeff.n.Tia said...

Lol! So funny! I'm sorry to hear she's allergic to such a yummy fruit, that's a real bummer. :( maybe she will outgrow it one day! I like the goggles. :)