Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sunny and warm

We have quite a few pictures to go through from our recent and wonderful vacation back to California.

But here's a few just to get you started.

Hazel playing her great-great-grandmother's piano that I inherited many years ago and we just moved into Jason's house.

Kenny, our nephew, thinking about something serious.

Jason's sister Liz with her very cute and very chubby son, Mason.

Shellie and Mason.

Hazel was overjoyed to find that Shellie had bought a stroller for her. She did nothing else (seriously, nothing else except eating and sleeping) but play with it for the first three days straight.

A good visit with an old friend (20 years!) - Melissa and her cutie, Kate.

Such a cute little girl!

Helping Great-Grandpa take out the compost.

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Mary and Jim said...

You are really getting good with that new camera! Of course it helps that you have such cute kid(s) to photograph.