Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saint Lucia Day

Today, December 13th, is Saint Lucia Day. It's a Swedish holiday that my family has celebrated ever since I can remember and I'm so happy to continue on with it with our little miss.

Here's some snapshots from this

Happy with the cardamom bread.

This is great!

Wait, you want me to wear a wreath??
I hate Saint Lucia Day!
I'm ok now that I have more food.
Baby Hazel, December 2008.


AnneMarie said...

Last year seems so mild compared to your...festivities today. Crazy how much changed in just 12 months!

Mike and Kathryn Church said...

Did you make her that Sainta Lucia wreath! Ooh I'll need to get that pattern (nearly said recipe- shows how much I sew)!

Elizabeth said...

It was super easy - I didn't use a pattern. I just used an elastic headband of mine and glued a variety of leaves to it! Done and done in about 20 minutes. I like easy projects. She's supposed to also wear a white nightgown and red sash, but that just didn't happen this year.

The Loscutoffs said...

I love the picture of Hazel crying with the wreath on her head...too cute!

paula said...

These photos are awesome, and I LOVE the wreath.

Aunt Cheryl said...

I was going to say how much more pleased she looked in 2008 than 2009 but AnneMarie already said that! Oh well, I'll say it anyway. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos--they were precious! Love Aunt Cheryl
p.s. hope you had a great Christmas as well as Saint Lucia Day.

Lauren said...

The photo of Hazel crying with the wreath is so cute!