Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

So we've been inside a lot. A lot a lot. We have braved the cold to head to storytime at the library. Someone still needs to learn how to sit still through the story, but at least she still has fun while running around!

Today we made a fort. It was a hit!


Mary and Jim said...

Now if you had bought the "Your Baby Can Read" video..... just kidding. I'm sure she will not have any chance of avoiding the bibliophile gene.

Sarah said...

Welcome to fort making. You'll be called upon to do that for at least the next three years until she can start making them herself.

Shellie said...

Oh, what fun fort making is especially with such a personalbe little girl as Hazel.
-I probably have just been not noticing, but your chairs look wonderful.

Aunt Cheryl said...

How fun that looks--remember coming home and finding that Janel, Liz, Sara & Renee' had taken the sofa apart and / or the table & chairs to build forts. It was easily put back together and didn't know it was a predecessor of all the furniture being moved around! Don't say I didn't warn you...with a smile! Love Aunt Cheryl
p.s. the chairs do look nice.