Saturday, June 06, 2009

More before and afters

Living room before.

Living room after. Totally need to do something fun in here as the only decoration is the quilt on the wall, my pillows are horribly unmatched, and while I do like the rug, it does not go in the space very well and is not totally my style. But thank you Mom and Dad for the free rug!

Laundry room before.

And after. This is actually pointing the opposite way than the above picture....but all that's behind me is the washer and dryer. Not too exciting.

My "pantry." But I do love my new curtain. Keeps all the mess inside.

Kitchen before. Looking out towards the living room.

And after. Again, desperately needs some sort of decoration and sprucing.
Kitchen after, looking the other way towards the laundry room.


Janae Hale said...

Whoa! You guys are awesome!

Shellie said...

I have to agree with Janae. The house looks wonderful. I think you have just enough stuff around to keep it from feeling like empty, blank space and yet allow buyers to imagine what they would do. I also think that what you do have is good, because this is a house for someone who has a young, fun style.