Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh wait, there's more

I think I've been pretty good about not writing about baby poop. I understand that some people find it offensive, but the reality is that having a 9 month old means dealing with what comes out of your little one daily.

Today Hazel and I went into Moscow for a lovely afternoon of errands and a little seminar on how to clean your house and get it to shine in 2 hours or less. Very helpful and I think I will try to start utilizing some of Mrs. Jan Sawyer's tips.

The afternoon didn't start off all that great though since right when I got to the Iverson's house Hazel had a major....incident. And of course she was wearing cloth as I was out of disposable. And of course I didn't have an extra cover for her since they were all in the wash at home. So the poor baby had to wear a sort-of cleaned out, slightly disgusting cover over a clean cloth diaper. Luckily her pants covered it all up and she didn't smell....that much.

After we left the Iverson's she screamed for about 10 minutes (I suspect the possible incoming teeth were the reason) and then fell asleep. I stopped at the co-op and she mercifully stayed asleep while I did my shopping, which included picking up disposables. Since she was conked out, I didn't wake her up to change her out of the yucky diaper. She's been a tired little girl lately.

Once home I had a very dirty, tired, and hungry baby. So I fed her and then went to grab the newly purchased disposables since again, all her cloth covers were in the wash. And , wouldn't you know it, the clerk at the co-op didn't put the diapers in the bag so I didn't grab them when I left the store. Cut to rummaging around Hazel's room, many purses, and laundry baskets, praying to find a clean diaper cover that escaped my notice earlier or a leftover disposable. No go. So we decided to squeeze her little 20 pound tush into a cover designed for a 15 pound baby. It fits. Kind of.

But she's clean, dry (for now), and asleep. Hurrah! Now onto dinner preparations. Thank goodness I did manage to remember to grab the bread and cheese for the fondue.


Mary and Jim said...

such fun! Sounds like a no good bad horrible day (or whatever the title of that book was) Hope you will take your receipt back and get the diapers!

grace said...

Liz this is a good one.