Friday, May 15, 2009

My front stoop

Sweet peas!

My mother's day present: a great pot and some lupine, delphinium, and gaura.

Coriopsus and African Daisy - also from Mother's Day.

Hazel keeping me company while I transplant my garlic starts, and start some more basil, nasturtium, and bell pepper seeds. Hopefully they all grow in time and I get some fruit this summer!
Why I bought socket covers.

Hazel and Daddy playing after work.


Janae Hale said...

Such pretty plants! The pic of Hazel is a bit scary! Looks like you got to the plugs in time!

Mary and Jim said...

Everything looks happy- Hazel included

AnneMarie said...

Daddy seems so enthusiastic! ;)

Aunt Cheryl said...

Haven't read your blog for awhile so stopped in to catch up. Hope you are all doing well--loved the photos of Hazel, Jason & Liz--as well as the plants and the swings at the park.
We were in Washington D.C. for Jason's b-day so didn't email you (or snail mail you) b-day wishes for which I apologize! Then, on to Vermont to visit Tim, Robin & boys. Had a great time.
Next wkend, we are off on a "road trip" with Eric--driving the Saturn all the way to IA and then to Ohio after that so say a prayer (seriously) that it makes it there and back. If not, Uncle Gregg says we'll just have to stop and buy a car. That would be a spontaneous purchase if I ever heard of one!
Love to you--Aunt Cheryl
p.s. had to laugh over leaving the diapers in the cart b/c I have forgot the ONE most important purchase at the store, as well. How's the 2 hr housecleaning going? That must mean Hazel is asleep if you can have it beautifully clean in that time and that you don't get distracted (which I always do--read the magazine or go through the mail, etc. or in this case, email you...)