Friday, May 15, 2009

As she innocently bats her eyelashes

J: (Enters living room and sees E using old keyboard instead of awesome new keyboard.) What are you doing? Where's the keyboard?

E: I got this one out because the black one was acting up.

J: How?

E: The num lock was stuck and the "3" key was stuck down and wouldn't depress.

J: That's weird. (He picks up the keyboard and starts looking it over.)

E: Yeah, very weird. Maybe it needs to be cleaned out or something.

J: Maybe. Let me look at it. (Continues to push buttons on keyboard.)

E: Yeah, I really think we should take it apart and clean it out.

J: (Looking at E suspiciously) Why? Did something happen?

E: (Looking away randomly) Not really.

J: Not really?

E: Well, maybe I spilled coffee on it.

J: Were you planning on telling me this or just waiting until I took it apart to find out?

E: The second option.

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