Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonderful Friday

I'll admit it. I was selfish last night. And I had a great time!

Now that we have lived out here in Colfax for 9 months, I can say with certainty that it is hard to live in a tiny town when 99.9% of the people you know live in another town. So I had a great time last night when we got to head into Moscow for a potluck and concert! Laura Gibson was playing at Mikey's, courtesy of Stereopathic Records. Before the show we went to a potluck at the Wolff's house with tons o' kids running around, good food, and the musicians from the concert. It was great to hang out with friends and chat a little with Laura Gibson and her band members, Sean and Micah. And they actually knew where Ripon is! (Some of them are from San Diego.)

And I made an awesome foccacia bread, if I do say so myself. And Brendan's bok choy was delish.

Then it was on to Mikey's for the concert, which opened with Jenna Conrad and Pablo Trucker. I loved Jenna's music, but sadly was not a fan of Pablo Trucker (the volume was turned up a little loud for me for their set). And all of this wonderful music took place on the stage my handy husband designed and built! To see the work in progress, click here.

But sadly, Hazel and I had to leave before Laura Gibson took the stage, so I had to enjoy her show from a distance and via the internet. This is where the selfish part comes in I guess. We toted Hazel around with us all night and she didn't get to bed until 12:30.

But amazingly she was a perfect little girl and even napped most of the time in her car seat. And when she finally couldn't stand not being part of the party any more at around 10:30 (?), she was all smiles and cheerfulness. I love the fact that she will smile at everyone and she did a great job of welcoming the guests as they stopped by the ticket table.

And she's still Miss Cheerful today, though she did sleep in until almost 11. But definitely not going to make a habit of keeping the wee babe up that late.


Nellie said...

Wow. If that's selfish, I'm flat out self-engrossed.

Elizabeth said...

Well, it was selfish since her bedtime is 8 and she never usually stays up that late - and I just wanted to go to the concert. :)