Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Excellent timing

Hazel has always been a back sleeper. Even though she rolls around while she's awake and playing, she's never rolled over in her sleep. So of course last night, while she's super sick and fussy, she keeps rolling over in her sleep and waking up on her stomach in a panic. Fun. Normally I don't think this would alarm her so much, but the sudden movement in addition to the stuffy nose, cough, and being a little feverish renders her a complete mush pot and she doesn't think that she knows how to roll back. So we didn't get all that much sleep last night.


Anonymous said...

Poor Hazel.
And also, poor Liz and Jason.
Hope she feels better.
Love Shellie

Mary and Jim said...

this too shall pass

kelly said...

Ahhh, someone who understands me! It's hard to get why they keep doing it when they hate it so much--makes you wonder about their little brains :)