Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday's Mail

I received a wonderful catalog in the mail today.
Free People

As Jason put it, it's "hipster authentica that only stockbrokers can afford."

You have these overalls, a steal at $595. And super baggy to boot.

Or these, the "Skinny Harem Pant." Only $98 to look like you're shopping at MC Hammer's estate sale.
And finally, these "Levi's Denim Short Shorts." For the person who is immodest, so lazy they can't go to Goodwill and buy a pair of pants to cut off themselves, and has money to burn. $265.


Corinne said...

Free People - as in the people are for free...because the clothes definitely aren't?

Aunt Cheryl said...

p.s. MC Hammer was at a dinner in Modesto this weekend but usually he is seen in Tracy at the Jiffy Lube! or so rumor has it...

Sarah said...