Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grandma Week (last week)

Well we are back from Seattle and are recovered from a week of visiting with family (both of Hazel's Grandmas!).

Shellie came up last Saturday and we had such a good time of hanging out with her. Hazel of course loved getting to know her grandma better and we enjoyed some quality time (including a wonderful outing to get sushi at Tokyo Seoul). That Sunday we enjoyed the fellowship of the families in our parish at a potluck in Pullman. We realized that we still need to get to know those families a little bit better since whenever Shellie introduced herself to new people, they didn't know who we were! I guess the problem is that we are all so spread out and don't get together very often.

On Monday Shellie and I had a great day in Moscow, window shopping, eating at Bucer's, and strolling around the mall. Shellie also cooked us a wonderful meal (as she always does) making me realize that I need to read my cookbooks more often! One of the highlights was the sheep's cheese custard with walnuts - very similar to a panna cotta. Delicious!

And after our trip out to Seattle, I would love to move into my mom and dad's house, if only for the view of the Olympic Mountains that they have out their front window. Gorgeous. We had a lovely stroll on the beach, dinner with some raw oysters, and Hazel got completely spoiled by all of the attention from my parents, Anne and Nate, and Wesley. it's back to normal!


Mary and Jim said...

"dinner with some raw oysters" They were great company, if lousy conversationalists.

Elizabeth said...

hee hee

Aunt Cheryl said...

what a fun week--sounds like me, have a zillion cookbooks but need to open them (and blow off the dust), to know what great recipes lie awaiting me!