Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Seattle, Day 1

Well, I'm in Seattle now. Hazel's had a few rough days this week. We had a great time visiting with Grandma Shellie this weekend, but Hazel came down with her first really bad cold on Monday. So Monday and Tuesday night she didn't sleep very well. For the first time in a long time, she woke up several times in the middle of the night - I'm assuming because her little nasal passages were completely clogged. So the bulb syringe has become our friend. Or more accurately, my friend, but Hazel's arch-nemesis.

We left this morning for Seattle to visit some friends and family. The flight left Spokane at 6:30am and we got to hitch a ride with Shellie to the airport. So we got Hazel up at 4:15 or so to just stick her in the car and go. But the poor baby woke up at 12, 1, 2, and 3 with a stuffy nose and I'm guessing a sore throat by the sound of her voice. So she barely slept last night. As well as Jason, myself, and Shellie.

But her cheerful disposition didn't waver one bit. Just a little crying when Jason woke her up and that was it. She was sunny and happy during the whole trip.

We're at Anne and Nate's right now and she's finally napping after much convincing. We enjoyed ourselves this morning chatting and eating a lovely leek and bacon quiche. Right now we're chilling and watching W. We'll be spending time with Mr. Wes and my parents tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. So I'm just praying that this doesn't turn into the little vacation from hell with a sick baby. It's just no fun when you feel so bad for your little girl.

And missing the husband too.


Sarah said...

Liz I've found that Vick's Vaporub, which they make an infant formula, works so well for unclogging their little heads. The trick is to put it on their feet to help the cough and dab on the chest. There's also saline solution which is great too. Hope she gets better soon and hopefully you're getting some rest.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I'll go get some today and try it out!