Friday, February 27, 2009

The final piece

Yesterday the final countertop was put in place! I've never seen those guys so serious. I guess it was heavy. But they did a wonderful job and now I have countertops. They are so great - I think whenever we have our own place, I'm going to have Jason do them again. Except now they know not to make them too big and/or cut the larger pieces in half before transport.

And here's Miss Hazel, where she often finds herself: scootched off the rug and stuck under the chair. She still can't go forward.


Mary and Jim said...

looks like at least you know where to find her... and I have warned Henry to expect company on the floor next weekend.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see those countertops in person.

Aunt Cheryl said...

very exciting indeed! looks like they did a great job. Love the photos of Hazel stuck under the chair--it's funny the positions kids (and adults) get themselves stuck in.
Say hello to grandma Shellie for us--tell her Bible study went fine tonite but that we missed her (Lisa, Ruth & I were there, tho').
Take care--