Thursday, December 18, 2008


the happiness, the utter joy. (Sarcasm.)

Hazel and I tried to drive into Moscow today to go to the eye doctor, but that was just not in God's plan. We had to turn around about 5 minutes outside of town.

We've gotten about a foot so far (maybe more) and it keeps dumping. It was almost up to my knees as I made my way out to the car this morning.

On the way down our steps this morning.

Looking down our street Wednesday afternoon.

Hazel, all bundled up, going to the store on Wednesday.

Our yard this morning.


Mary and Jim said...

OK- I won't complain. We have 1/2 that much. Keep warm.

Cheryl said...

yep--that's when you realize you are still a "California girl" at heart. Keep up the good work of trying to stay warm. Aunt Cheryl