Friday, July 04, 2008

My life is quite interesting at the moment

Well, we've moved. And I only have two weeks until my due date. (Panic/excitement/anticipation.)

And I am just going to have to accept the fact that the whole house will not be perfectly put away or decorated until well after this baby comes along. And that's ok! Jason's been working non-stop on the important projects, namely finishing the bathroom floor (yay!), the kitchen cabinets, cutting countertops for me, and carrying boxes upstairs from the basement. I am so thankful for my hardworking husband.

My parents came out this week to help and my dad cleaned out a lot of the basement's yuckyness and my mom, along with Amaanda and Lisa, helped me finish putting away the kitchen. Now that that's done, I feel a lot better.

Let's see, my birthday was on Tuesday (the 1st) and we had a really good time going to one of UI's summer bbqs. It was the sausage one and we had delicious sausage, potatoes, and fruit. And we of course got to listen to the umpa music by a German band here in town. I really like the flowers the women wore in their hair (a la The Sound of Music) and the little hats the men had on.

Then it was on to Swilly's for dessert with Amaanda, Mom and Dad, Mark and Corinne, and Keith and Nellie! They even wrote Happy Birthday in caramel sauce on my plate! :) Should have taken a picture. Twas a good birthday.

And this weekend we will be going down to Walla Walla for our third anniversary (which was the 2nd)! Woo hoo! A little vacation before the baby comes. I've been looking up restaurants I want to go to this week, so we'll see how they turn out.

And my last little update, my doctor saw me yesterday and was slightly surprised at the level of swelling in my feet and legs. Luckily I have "excellent" blood pressure, so I'm just retaining water and I don't have preeclampsia. So somehow I need to have my feet up and unpack. Hmmmm...have to figure that one out.

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Mary and Jim said...

If you are as talented as I know you are, you can put the clothes on hangers and throw them just right to hang in the closet- all while lying on the bed. Have fun in Walla Walla!