Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Enjoying some quality Cougar Country hamburgers.

Banana milkshakes.....yum!


Nate and Miranda, best buds.
Anne cooking breakfast. Quite the enthusiastic chef!

Anne and the pregnant lady. (Sometimes I really don't believe we're sisters, based merely on how we look, but then I will admit that we must be because we act exactly the same most of the time. Something to do with how we express excitement.)

Our future home!

We found this in a thrift store in Pullman. Nutty that a shirt from central California made its way all the way up here.


Wesley said...

i'm quite disgusted that you had:

a. banana milkshakes, AND
b. hamburgers made out of cougars

grace said...

Liz the house is absolutely the cutest!

Mary and Jim said...

I think you look like sisters.

Nate said...

There's only one picture of me and I'm sleeping. I guess I did a lot of that last weekend.

AnneMarie said...

And where is the picture of the "French Toast Dance" may I ask?

Sarah said...

I ran into your future neighbor today and she said "I think I saw the girl whose moving in next door, she was pregnant and taking a photo of the house". Yup, that's Liz!