Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nesting Project Idea

I saw this on DesignSponge (a fabulous website by the way) and it got me thinking that I'd like to do something similar in our new place. I'm thinking we're going to paint the kitchen some sort of green (depending on what color wood the cabinets are) and that this would be very fun in aquas, greens, and whites. Maybe some yellow or orange too? So I'm starting to collect plates. Very slowly. I have one right now.


Alexis said...

I like! I had no idea you guys were moving. Where to? And well done on being able to sleep.

Elizabeth said...

We'll be moving to a house in...Colfax! Anna and Jesse Landis bought a house out there that they're remodeling. It should be ready in June - but I think Jason wants to be able to do work on it himself, so maybe we'll move sooner? (He seems to be in a project mood too.)

So we'll see exactly when we head out there. I'm just glad we have two cars now, so I can drive back to Moscow a few days a week to do errands and visit with my buddies (such as yourself) and their babies!

I'm just super excited because we get to paint and it will have a washer/dryer (woo hoo - cloth diapers!) - I'm having major project brain meltdowns and when Jason comes home I jump on him and say, "We could do this! And we could do this! And we could try this out!" I need to calm down.

Sarah said...

Liz, your blog is off the hook right now, you're posting a mad rate! I love it! Your plate idea rocks. You know, a great place to find funky kitchen stuff is the dingy old thrift store in Colfax. It's off the beaten track and folks don't realize that funky retro kitchenware is actually cool to some people. I bet you could find some great plates there. I'll keep my eye out for ya.

grace said...

This plate project sounds like the ish. Brilliant. Oh and the house super exciting I could see how you might have project brain meltdowns.

paula said...

I loved this idea when I saw it on d*s...and that's awesome about your new place! I have resigned myself to living in a white box again for the next year or two. Even so, I have a full room of imaginary furniture all planned out. :)

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

That looks really cool.. I think I may steal the idea myself!


and congrats on the move! Welcome to Washington!

Mary and Jim said...

I just quadrupled your # of plates, thanks to stopping by a couple of sales today. I'll bring them up! It will be really neat, I'm sure.