Tuesday, October 02, 2007

May I just say

that contractors are no fun? (But not you, Jason!)

But seriously, our kitchen has been in pieces and un-usable for almost 4 weeks! And whenever I call the company to ask when in the world they are finishing, I get no answer. I think I'm starting to annoy them, but that's probably a good thing. Maybe they'll move faster.

Just now as I was typing, they called and a plumber is coming on Thursday or Friday. Woo hoo! Only 4 weeks sans kitchen sink. This is after I'd been asking them all week about this and they kept saying the plumber hadn't called them back. Then they called to say that they talked to the plumber and he couldn't come at all. (ummm...Mr. Plumber? If you are too busy, just say that, don't take the job and then leave me hanging.) So they have now found a replacement plumber.


I'm just slightly grumpy about this whole thing; especially since I am missing out on one of the best seasons to cook/bake/etc...

This is much too depressing to think about. I'll go back to work now.

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