Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to take a picture to send to all your relatives...

1. Don't hold the camera so it creates a shadow...otherwise a good picture will be ruined.

2. Do try to look cute while your husband is playing with the timer on the camera. You never know when it's going to snap.

3. Centering the camera on your subject is important, nay vital, to your goal.

4. Of course, getting into position in time can prove difficult.

5. See Rule 2.

6. Even when the process is taking too long and your are in physical pain from it, maintain decorum.

7. Don't take yourself seriously.

8. Ta da.


Anne said...

Just how many hours did this take?

jason and liz said...

About 15 minutes...Jason has a low tolerance for picture taking.

Anonymous said...

this is for the long-awaited "Liz and Jason's life in Idaho" that got mailed today? Looking forward to the next installment. Mom

Esther said...


Excellent post! I like it.