Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Success...academic wise.

Also, Jason is now graduated! Hoorah! He walked across the stage on Wednesday, the 9th, and received his diploma; now I am a happy woman. He started today full-time doing siding and is enjoying it pretty well. Pray that he can find some sort of tutoring/teaching position this fall to continue getting experience in that area.

The pictures are in reverse order, for interest's sake.

Jason, Grandma Julie,
and Liz.

Jason recessing.

Jason signing the
book, post diploma.

Jason receiving the diploma.

Jason processing.

Anne and Nate and
Gabe Telling waiting
for the program to start.

The night before at Bucer's...
the look-alike sisters.

Jason contemplating
his pending graduation with
a good pipe.

Anne and Nate wondering
what it is to be a Muscovite.

Clarence turning...25.

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