Monday, May 14, 2007


Our Farmer's Market Booth was a smash hit! We all sold items and got some great feedback from people walking through the market. I think we were all encouraged and excited by the response and are now all inspired to go home and sew/craft like fiends and have oodles more to sell this coming weekend. We have some pictures to post from the market, so check out our blog to see if they're up yet. Here are some from my camera.

Abby and Luxie

Us at the booth...I'm hiding in the back

Hannah with Judah and Lux

Hannah's heirloom tomatoes

Our booth again

Abby's earrings

Paula and Laura


Sing and Shout Crafts

My bags

And on another topic, Sunday's worship was just wonderful. I can't think of what the Psalm was that we were singing, but two of the lines had to do with all of God's people joining together in worship. It was a joint service and we were up on the bleachers; looking out over the several hundred people and having everyone sing together, I was just moved. We are so blessed by the Lord to live in a community that we have such wonderful friends and all coming together to praise God is glorious.

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