Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Testing Where You THINK You Stand

A friend showed me The Political Compass webpage tonight and I was quite surprised by what I found out. They have a test on the site where you answer a series of questions about what you believe about politics, corporations, the arts, family values, etc... After answering it then plots your political position on an x/y-axis diagram. I, who always thought of myself as a completely right-wing person, found myself just slightly over the line onto the left-hand side. Oh no! Is my public university education corrupting me? Let's hope not.

Go ahead and take the test, its interesting to see where they put you and how you actually answer the questions in relation to what you thought you believed before.

Just for the record (after you take the test, this will make sense), I was right on the x-axis and about 4 units left of the y-axis. So not authoritarian and not libertarian; just in the middle.

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