Monday, May 10, 2004

Forgetting Names

I was checking out a link my friend Janae sent me, which by the way is pretty funny, when I found this little anecdote as well. Its from which from my 30 second browse, seemed funny. Anyways - here's the little story that amused me. Enjoy!

"You should know that I'm really bad with names. For instance, I have been with my wife for nearly 15 years, and the other night I accidentally called her "Peter." Occasionally I call my own mother "Sebastian," which was the name of my first hamster. It's awful. But the first step is "admitting that I am powerless over the ability to remember names, and that my life has become unmanageable." So recently I started writing down the names of my neighbors on my refrigerator, where I see them during my 10 or 15 stops to the refrigerator each morning to get beer."

Basically this reminded me of all the times my mom goes through the list of our pet's names (Kitt, Nadja, Sassy....ELIZABETH!) to get mad at me and all the times other friends have complained of this annoying habit of our parents. Although, when I was in high school, whenever I was really mad at my friend Sophia, I would call her Phillip, my brother's name. (Who knows what that means.)

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