Sunday, June 09, 2013

Our first (very) busy weekend in June

This afternoon we made it up to Laird Park for the first time this year.  We love it up there.  Little picnic area, playground, a great place to hang out and enjoy the afternoon.  But more on that later...

The weekend was rather full and busy.  Friday night, Jason slept out in the backyard with Hazel and Klaas.  Casper and I stayed in the house.  While I do love camping, I like to keep my sleeping in a tent with an almost one-year old to a minimum. 

I woke up at 5am hearing Hazel and Klaas discussing what superhero they were (my window was open).  This was followed by silence from 5-7am.  I was amazed Jason had gotten them to go back to sleep, but I found out later he had given them his phone to watch Bob the Builder episodes.  I do love my husband and that he is willing to sleep out in the backyard with the kiddos, sharing a mattress with two rather squiggly little people.  I guess Klaas spent half the night asleep on the tent floor as he didn't want to share his bed with anyone. 

Around 7 they trooped out to get donuts (for the second day in a row as Friday was National Donut Day and I took the kids to get delicious and free(!) mini donuts from Buy the Dozen).  So the kids were rather hyper with the combination of sleep-deprivation and sugar.  It was pretty funny watch them zing around the house Saturday morning.

So of course we loaded them up to hit yard sales and the Farmer's Market.  We scored woodworking tools, a sandbox, a giant blackboard for the kids' room, and various little plastic toys that will soon find their way to the thrift store.  Also a little set of Thomas the Train books that Hazel adores as they are tiny and cute.

The blackboard was purchased from an Idahoan hipster couple holding a moving sale outside their apartment (which coincidentally, Jason lived in during one of his college years).  They had used the blackboard to decide where to move (Portland or Chicago) and the board still bore the Ven diagram they had used to evaluate each city and make their decision.

At the market we picked up more tomatos (the Latah variety - of course we have to try it at least once), cucumbers, zucchini, and melon.  Jason built a potato cage last we just need to plant the potatoes.  And remember to water them since last summer we seemed to forget to water the potatoes a bit.

Back to today...we woke up a bit late, rushed around to get ready for church and I accidentally sat on some blueberries Casper had dropped on my seat.  I of course was wearing a white skirt.  Finally get everyone in the car and realize that my car keys are in Colfax (long story).  So we end up missing church and after some Bible lessons with the kids, Jason heads out to retrieve my missing keys. 

He gets back in time for us to head up to the river for the day with lots of good friends.  We had a great time eating hot dogs and watermelon, wading in freezing water, and just relaxing.  Now we are home and the kids are crashed. 

Hazel literally crashed down in her closet when we got home when she was climbing up to find something for her stuffed dog to wear.  So now she has a huge bruise on her cheek. 

So we are just relaxing to gear up for another week.  Tomorrow we get to hang out with our neighbors that we met at the yard sale on Saturday (yay!), swing by the recycling center in search of newspapers for our compost pile, and try to put away all the laundry that I have been ignoring that is in our room. 

Happy Sabbath!














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Mary and Jim said...

Cute pictures! You guys go crazy once the weather warms up! Looks like a fun weekend. One question- did Hazel's sunflowers ever come up?