Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recent thoughts....

Gwyneth Paltrow was right.  It does make your heart proud when you see your children asking to eat kale and brown rice.  But of course, just to keep it real, my children ask for french fries every time we pass McDonald's.  So they have the best of both worlds. 

I want to make chevre.  I might try soon with a couple of friends.  Jason, Klaas, and I all love it to death.  Hazel thinks we are crazy.  Today at lunch, Klaas had bread with goat cheese and Hazel had bread with kale.  I had bread with both on it.  Yum. 

I had a new friend over the other day to embroider together.  This might be the start of some sort of weekly/monthly thing.  Because of course, we all have nothing better to do than work on tiny little projects that take weeks to complete. 

Casper now can stand up in his bed.  And he's ten months old.  And he has four teeth coming in on top, making a grand total of six teeth.  He also knows his name and is a grinny baby.

Klaas wears underwear, but refuses to use the toilet.  He has been promised a "shoot gun" when he stops using diapers....but we may need to break out a potty chart to make this a more real concept in his little 2.5 year old brain.

Hazel can now sight read a few small words and asks to do her math lesson every day.  She also asks to watch Mystery Busytown and Spiderman every day too though. 

I planted broccoli and chard seeds outside.  They say you can plant them before it stops freezing and they will be fine, but I have my doubts since nothing has come up in two weeks.

You should read this post about mama bodies and this one about teaching our children to love our lives/families.  They are both by my friend Miranda.  She's awesome.  And not just because she basically wrote out what I thought before I had a chance to do it.  But also because she's fun and she likes her job as a mama.

Hazel helping me clear out a planting bed in front of our house.  Sleds are useful in the springtime.
They really like their new bunk beds.  I need to still paint it and do some decorating, but then I'll show you what Jason made.

This was Jason's beard before he cut it off.  Now it's all gone and everyone asks when it will be making its return.

 We're cool.  We wear sunglasses to church.

Me and the girly.  She had such a good time watching her friends' ballet and Irish Step recital.  Of course this was followed by much pleading to take dance next year.  We will soon have a little ballerina in our midst.  Yesterday while showing off her dance moves in the living room though, she told me "I don't have to take any dance classes next year.  I already know all the steps, see!"

My amoeba embroidery.  

I also made this chocoflan cake last weekend.  It was so good.  And it's a mini science experiment since you pour the flan over the cake batter in the pan and as it bakes, the flan settles to the bottom.  Amazing!

You should also start reading my friend's husband's stories.  They're good.

You may carry on with your day now.

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