Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hazel: "In our family, we have one little brother, and one big boy, and one big daddy, and one big sister, and one big mommy!"

"I got it."  What Klaas said when I asked if he wanted help making a bbq pork sandwich tonight at dinner.  Instead he just piled his meat up and then squished the bun down on top.  After thinking for a second, he thought it didn't look quite right and he asked Dad for help.  Hazel says this ALL the time.  I guess someone is listening to his big sister.

Hazel came in the room while Jason and I were watching a documentary about Bob Marley.  After watching for a few minutes, she asked, "Is this a movie about making hats?"  I guess the slouchy Rasta hats made the biggest impression.


Fall entertainment: dragging furniture and bikes around the backyard.

 Breakfast time.

Casper not quite awake and zoning out.

She's getting big.

Big guy.  He's four months old now!

Klaas did not wish to participate in a photo session.  He chose to stand by the door playing with the comb instead.

Big sister and little brother.

The closest thing I'm going to get to a group shot at this point.

Playdough while Hazel does some schoolwork.

Cut and paste the numbers.

The north side of town.  The view from the end of our street.

Playground screaming.

Casper is now big enough to be in the johnny jump-up.  Sniff.

Park afternoon in the cold.  All of a sudden it got cold around here.  It will probably be snowing soon.  

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