Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Super efficient.  I'm mailing Casper's birth announcements today.  He'll be four months old next week.  But here they are on the blog as well.  Just because I can.  And I'm waiting for a lasagna to finish baking to take to a family from church who welcomed a new baby last week.  It smells great.  The lasagna, not the baby.  But I'm sure the baby smells fine as well.

Hazel got her first chain letter in the mail last week.  So we sent off a bunch of stickers and letters in the mail yesterday.  I just like to make my friends and relatives work to entertain their kids (go to the store to get stickers and stamps and print off several copies of a letter). 

Klaas' favorite activity lately is to yell "no."  So we're working on that. 

Casper likes to smile a lot and wiggle out of the bouncy chair when I don't strap him in.  Today while I was working on the above-mentioned lasagna and chopping a mountain of mushrooms, he worked his way out all the way and ended up face down on the kitchen floor.  He didn't like that very much.

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