Sunday, September 16, 2012

My daughter.  I am so proud of her.  She's done something I could not do at the age of four and still cannot do now.  She loved riding a rollercoaster.

She had been talking about wanting to ride the rollercoaster at the fair for a few days and Jason and I weren't sure if it would be a good idea since she was scared of some of the rides last year.  When we walked onto the midway, she spotted the upside-down-whirly-spinny coaster for adults and said, "I want to ride that rollercoaster!"  We decided to find something more her speed.  And she so loved loved loved it.  We ran into some friends so she and Greta got together.  Hazel even was putting her arms in the air as she went down the "big hills!" 

Maybe riding the kiddie coaster isn't a big deal for some people, but since I have always been scared of them and Hazel can sometimes be shy and afraid of things, I was so happy she enjoyed it and did something brave. 

Then we put Klaas and Hazel on the little car ride.  Klaas was very serious the whole time and cried hysterically when Jason took him out.  He loved it.  The other highlights of the fair were two balloons: one which flew away immediately after Hazel was warned about taking it off her wrist (she cried) and one that popped in Klaas' face when we walked under a tree. 

Klaas kept talking about the cows and pigs we saw.  I think that was the most exciting part for him.  A good few hours at our little county fair.

Casper sadly could not enjoy the cotton candy, corn dogs, and ice cream we all had.  But I think he still had a good time.

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Mary and Jim said...

I remember you at about 4 FINALLY getting the nerve to go on the roller coaster at the Oakland Zoo. So proud of her! Looks like Klaas is taking his driving very seriously. Good training!