Monday, September 10, 2012

I really like him.  He is Mr. Chatterbox now.  "Uh oh Mommy!" "Nigh nigh kiss!  Nigh nigh hug!"  "Casper fussing." He loves to play dress up and usually steals Hazel's shoes to complete his outfits.  He is very into his cars and trucks and usually is carrying one around.  Tonight while reading Curious George and the Bunny, he was looking for the lost bunny on the other pages of the book, wondering, "Where bunny Mommy?"  And we also just watched Star Wars for the first time.  He wasn't as interested as I thought he would be and was more concerned if someone got hurt or "fell down."

Today we tried a new hairstyle.  I like it, but we need to get some clear rubberbands and some tiny bobby pins.  Hazel really liked Star Wars (and was not that scared of Darth Vader, surprisingly) and said she liked the fighting the best as it reminded her of fencing.  

She's memorizing a medieval poem for recitation class.  

The hart loves the wood, the hare loves the hill.
The knight loves his sword, the woodman loves his bill.
The fool loves his folly, the wise man loves his skill,
And what a shrewish woman loves is to have her will.
She thinks the last line is hilarious.  
I told Jason to stop smirking while we were practicing with her.

And the littlest man.  He actually is very smiley most of the time.  I've just had a hard time capturing them on camera.  His head lists a bit to the left, so we might be doing physical therapy to try and correct it.  We'd like to try and avoid flattening the left side of his head.  Casper is just about the easiest baby there is.  He only cries when he wakes up or wants to go to sleep.  He stops crying immediately when one of us picks us up, even if he's hungry.  And he of course does the adorable baby thing while nursing: he stops eating to look up at me and coo and smile.  It makes me melt.  Klaas really liked Casper's onesie today.  It has Winnie the Pooh.  Or "Winnie a Pooh!" as Klaas says.

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