Monday, May 14, 2012


It's summer here.  And for north Idaho, it is so nice to have it be warm and 80 degrees in May (something that doesn't happen every year). 

Today the kids played in the pool and I was so proud of Hazel when she proclaimed that she and Klaas were wearing Tompten hats when they played with their buckets. 

The kids both are covered with scrapes and bruises from falling and tripping while playing outside (growth spurts/learning to run safely in sandals), but the most interesting injury happened on Saturday.  They got a hold of our lint trimmer and when we weren't watching, Hazel was tickling Klaas with it.  The giggling soon turned to tears as the tiny cutters inside managed to give Klaas a few good nips.  So now he has an odd scab on his chest.

I'm 36.5 weeks and we need to get out the baby gear soon and finish painting our new cradle. 

Hoorah for summer!

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