Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15th

Today, I'm having a hard time managing my mental "to do" list.  But so far we have:
  1. made apple pancakes
  2. gotten dressed/showered
  3. drank market spice tea while looking for a good online story about St. Patrick's Day (no luck)
  4. printed out shamrock coloring pages
  5. caught up on dishes/let Hazel watch an old Winnie the Pooh cartoon while I did said dishes and Klaas "napped"
  6. catching up on laundry that was neglected during our move a week and a half ago
  7. thought more about curtain-making 
  8. played legos with Klaas
  9. read part of Charlotte's Web and an Olivia book with Hazel
  10. sword/spoon fought with the kids
  11. surfed for knit dress patterns to make Hazel a St. Patrick's Day dress out of some orange polka dot jersey I found at the thrift store (yes, orange.  I am honoring my grandmother who was very stubborn and clear that one should wear orange on St. Patrick's Day since one is Protestant, not Catholic)
  12. remembered that I also want to make Klaas an Irish flag shirt
  13. thought about the menu for our feast on Saturday and maybe making a fun appetizer and the fact I need to find a recipe for Guinness frosting for our Guinness brownies
  14. started thinking that we're having someone else over for dinner Friday and I need to clean more today and unpack more boxes
  15. listened to the kids play hide and seek in their closet
  16. thought that maybe we should all watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People this week
  17. let the kids paint some pictures
  18. disciplined for throwing things/saying no/having attitude
  19. It's only 12:37pm.
(It should be noted that a lot of these activities were being worked on at the same time as other ones.)


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Mary and Jim said...

But I thought stay-at-home moms just watched tv and ate bonbons! I see some mixed St Patrick's day messages here- an orange dress and an Irish flag shirt....hmmmm