Sunday, September 25, 2011

One day it was 95. The next it was 62 and raining. That's just weather in the northwest for you. On Saturday we went to a local fall festival and took a hay ride, saw the Raptor Club from WSU, and learned about butter churning. Then we also went to our local alpaca farm to check out the alpacas. Klaas, true to form, yelled hello to all the animals and Hazel got an ice cream cone painted on her cheek.

Today we went on a little walk, came home in a drizzle, and now we're playing legos, and making breakfast-for-dinner burritos. We also have a good supply of chocolate chip cookies and projects (knitting for me and leather for Jason). I'm working on a hat for Klaas, to be followed by hats for Hazel, Jason, and myself. Jason recently made a cowboy-style wallet for himself and is now working on a design for an iPhone carrying case and a belt for Hazel. I also want him to make us headbands similar to this. We just have an endless list of things to make around here.LinkI also really like my new shoes.

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Grace said...

nice shoes Liz!