Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My handsome little man

A new sweater for the little man. Just in time for the weather change around here. I like to plan ahead, so I started this back in.....April or May I think. So just about a 5 month turnaround. (Just in case there are those of you out there who think I am super-fast-knitting-mama. I am not. I usually have 3 or 4 projects going at once and it takes me months to finish larger projects like a sweater.)

I used the Oh, handsome pattern from the wonderful site, Pickles. It turned out very nice, except that I do not like piecing knitted projects together. So that part gets a thumbs down. Other than that, a great pattern and it's very cute on.

It is a little hard to take pictures of a one year old wearing a dark-colored sweater, so we tried bribery with a cookie and sitting on the tricycle. It sort of worked.
He is a lucky little guy because he also will be getting the next project off my needles, a winter hat. We're going fancy and doing cables. I really like the way it's turning out, but I do like mindless knitting without having to consult the pattern every minute or so. So while I was planning on making a matching hat for Hazel, we'll see if I have the patience for that. She might get a simple garter stitch hat with maybe a knitted flower for embellishment. That would be cute and girly.

And then I also want to make Jason a hat that he actually likes and will wear, which hasn't really happened yet. I have high goals for myself: making projects that my family actually likes.

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