Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Weekend of Birthday, Anniversary, and Fireworks

This weekend was my 29th birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary. So it's been a little busy with going out for Japanese food on Friday, and then getting a sitter and dashing out for a movie (Super 8, loved it!) and dinner at Sangria on Saturday.

We went to the park on Friday afternoon. Klaas wanted to show off his messy t-shirt and crooked smile. But we still think he's adorable.

Pretty girl with leftover cantaloupe juice on her face.

Me excited to see what Hazel and Jason picked out for me. A fun new shirt and mini-colander!

My birthday pie, prior to baking. Isn't my husband talented?

Ready to dig in at the park for a pie picnic. I think this is going to have to be a weekly summer tradition. Sunday in the Park with Pie.

We had to force-feed Hazel cherry pie. Yes, you read that right. The child of two pie-loving people decided she didn't need any. Strange little person.
Our two little "angels" waiting so calmly and patiently for dessert. It should be noted that this might be the only time they have sat still for one minute. They were both almost ready for naps. But we still enjoyed the pie and some running around.
And today we set off some fireworks prior to setting off tomorrow for a mini-camping trip with a bunch of friends. Perhaps I oversold the fireworks as a "surprise." Hazel was excited during our little fireworks show, but afterwards, she turned and asked me when we were going to have our "surprise." I guess it didn't make that much of an impression.

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