Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Pend Orielle

We went to Idaho's largest lake and had a wonderful time, but only saw a tiny portion of the actual lake. We had our annual camping trip with Mark and Corinne and Keith, Nellie, and Charlie. It was fun and it definitely takes more coordination now that there are several small people in tow, but we love seeing these good friends of ours and exploring new places.

Just to give you an idea, the lake is 65 miles long and we only got to see the tiny point at the very bottom of the lake. I think we'll have to go up again and check out more of the area. Especially after I just googled it and saw that some people had seen moose swimming in the lake! We must try to find some moose next time and ask them to take a dip so we can observe.
We had a very busy time checking out the lake, throwing rocks, swimming in the ICY waters (Jason was brave, I was not), playing frisbee golf, checking out the Farragut State Park museum, and eating yummy food in Couer D'Alene. Did you know that Idaho has a naval base? Surprised, right? Where we camped, at Farragut, the campground is where the original naval base was built back in the early 1940s. (There is a current sound research naval facility in the tiny town of Bayview.) The base was used for training during World War II. Also, there were around 750 German prisoners of war kept there as well. You learn something new every day.

We sadly did not get that many great pictures of the lake...more next time I hope.

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