Thursday, June 23, 2011

My hand and some handiwork

Rolling potatoes/not paying close attention resulted in jumping up and down and saying "Ooh! Ooh!" the other day.

It must be a family thing, because I almost chopped off the tip of my thumb Monday night.

And yes, we've heard all the jokes. One quick run over to urgent care and a dinner of bananas later (for the children, not for Jason), I'll be as good as new in 7-10 days. And our dishes will at some point be all put away, since now it's awkward to wash while keeping my thumb out of the way. Though the nurse kindly gave me a stash of latex gloves to use while keeping up with my domestic duties and changing the little man's diapers.

And here's a new little sampler I made last week. We'll try to ignore the uneven spacing (goedemorgan is one word, not two as it looks on here) and mistakes. It's now hanging in the bathroom and we all like it. Hazel asked if it was just for her (she thinks every new project is just for her to enjoy) and then started to point out some of the letters. I really like this age (well, I like most little kid ages) since she's very into her letters. She loves shouting out, "Look Mom!! A 'W'!" as we walk past signs on the street.

From top to bottom, the languages are French, Dutch, Swedish, Greek (pronounced kalimera), and, obviously, English. Working on a little thing like this is very good for my patience level since I am usually into quick projects. A hip hip hooray for improving my disposition and making a craft at the same time.


Mark Reagan said...

I love this Liz. And I'm pretty sure you should make me one too :) (I'm frighteningly a little like Hazel:))

Corinne said...

Ha ha! That was Corinne. Although it's funnier if Mark said it!

Mary and Jim said...

I have lots of cross stitch stuff and patterns if you want to try that- maybe when you come visit-

Shellie said...

I am very proud of you. Like Hazel, I always want what you make.
-Sorry about your hand. Make Jason wash dishes. After all, you have always taken excellent care of him when he has injured his hand.

Abby said...

Liz- This is so cool. I'm impressed.