Sunday, June 19, 2011

Food, yummy food

We like to make good food* around here on little Hallmark-sanctioned celebrations. (Jason made blueberry blintzes, a spinach and egg bake, peach strawberry cobbler, and mimosas on Mother's Day. At the last minute we invited Mark and Corinne over to share in the abundance of food.) Today we had spicy honey chicken salad, roasted red peppers with goat cheese and baguettes, and homemade pop tarts with Nutella** and cinnamon/brown sugar fillings. Yum***.

We also popped our bottle of Finn River cider that we brought back from our New Year's trip to Seattle.

*All of these recipes are delicious. Try them!

**I now have a tub of Nutella in the house. This is not a good thing. Well, actually it is a very delicious thing, but a dangerous item to have around. I'm starting to put it on everything.

***According to us. Hazel has decided that she doesn't like goat cheese and is always apprehensive whenever we take some out of the fridge. "Are we having goat cheese?" This is always asked in a worried voice. But she is usually still a champ and tries some. This is followed by a sour expression and a confirmation that still no, Hazel doesn't like goat cheese.

Hazel and Klaas are now sponsored by RadioFlyer. Their very generous Grandma Shellie just sent them an awesome wagon and tricycle. Hazel is now the expert peddler and the wagon is great for containing the Klaaster while we're outside.

These are some of the gorgeous flowers that we got at the cutting garden last week. I think we are going to go out there every other week this summer so we can keep our house full of the bounty of the season.

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