Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Early morning...

not the best time for mom to think clearly.

Klaas woke up around 4:30 this morning. While changing his diaper I couldn't find any of his size 3s to put on him. So I grabbed what I thought was one of Hazel's pull-ups. A few hours later, after a lot of fussing from Klaas and a lot of wondering what the problem was by me, I went to get him. "Wow, he's soggy." I thought.

Taking off his pajamas I realize that he's not wearing a pullup, but rather a swim diaper. Which, in case you didn't know, doesn't really catch moisture, but rather just filters it. So the poor guy was sitting in a soggy mess for quite a while today. But he was a good sport about it.

And I'm almost finished with a sweater for Hazel. I'm using Pickles' Autumn Leaves Posh Vest pattern. One might think, "Wow, Hazel has a lot of sweaters right now." And you'd be right, except that I accidentally shrunk this sweater that I made for her. It is important to note when the yarn you are using is actually a bamboo/cotton/wool blend, rather than thinking it is only bamboo/cotton. So now it is in the box of newborn baby clothes, in the hope that the next baby will be able to wear it in they are about 9 pounds.
This one is 100% wool and will only be hand-washed. I'm making a note of this on the blog as well as in my mind, so as to avoid future laundry disasters.

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