Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Update

It's official. We're starting a new phase of our lives this fall: Jason is going back to school! After a lot of thought and prayer and talking (lots and lots of talking), Jason has decided that he is going to go to school to get his teaching credential.

He's been accepted, is registering on Monday, and is going to start studying for his math placement exam. Right now we're just weighing the pros and cons of different financial aid packages to figure out the money aspect (one of the more important parts of going to college) of this whole shenanigan.

We are really excited about this, even though we know it's going to be slightly crazy around here for a while. He'll still be working as close to full-time as he can, in addition to going to class and doing homework. So we will definitely be needing your prayers as we try to make ends meet and still get all the schoolwork/playing with the kids done.

When Jason graduated from New Saint Andrews in 2007/2008, I did a very big happy dance to have my husband back from the land of "No, I can't hang out because I have homework." Of course I foolishly thought that I would never have to be the understanding wife of a student again. Silly me.

We are very blessed that we have the University of Idaho right here in our town, which makes going to school rather simple in that way. Jason is going for his credential in math and perhaps humanities or history, so he will be taking some extra math courses on top of the educational requirements. And since the credential program here is designed to be integrated into a bachelor's degree (and not a 5th year, like we're used to in California), it will be a two-year process for him.

Even though this does delay our plans for moving, Jason is excited to be working towards this goal. Originally, we were thinking about moving to who-knows-where sometime this year or next year to try out our next adventure (we hadn't decided what exactly that would be) and to see some other churches we are interested in being involved with. So now we have this plan: finish school within the next couple of years and then find a teaching job in Hawaii! (That last part is actually just my idea, but wouldn't that be fun?)

So onto the next great adventure of school!

And today's his birthday. Happy 29 years hon!


Shellie said...

But Hawaii doesn't start with an "I." Although I know I have said before that an "H" state would be nice, meaning Hawaii. Mostly because I have never been there.

HAPPY B-DAY Jason!!!

Cheryl said...

Let's see...and "H" state or Illinois or Indiana? Think I'll go with an "H"...congrats on going back to school. I was just thinking about that the other night -- you going to school, I mean, not me! Decided tonight that I don't learn as fast as I did when I was working on my bachelor's degree. Don't know that a master's is ever in my future:) love ya all.

Abby said...

Busy, busy! I'm glad we get more time with y'all.