Saturday, March 26, 2011


We took the kids out today for their first spin in the bike trailer down the Chipman Trail. So much fun! I rode my bike every day practically while I was in college, but since my bike was stolen about a month after I moved to Moscow, I didn't ride until Jason found me a bike at a yard sale last summer. Of course I was enormously pregnant, so it has sat unused until now.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we pedaled several miles through the university and towards Pullman. When I get a little bit more in shape, we're planning on doing the ride all the way to Pullman and back, complete with picnic lunch.

Hazel and Klaas loved it too. Hazel especially loved going "really fast" and liked the idea I put in her head that her dad was like a horse pulling their carriage.

First Klaas fell asleep.

And then Hazel.

Bike helmets are coming next week, so we'll see how they fit in there together with those things on their heads.

This was in the car while Jason pumped up the bike tires. Klaas is such a giggler and thought the noise from the air pump was hilarious. That and Hazel blowing raspberries at him.

This is from a few weeks ago, in February I think. They love playing in the tunnel we got for them as a New Year's present.

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Shellie said...

Love hearing Hazel and Klaas giggle and laugh.