Sunday, February 27, 2011

A very snowy Sunday

Jason's favorite for breakfast....and lunch today.

A lot of cinnamon roll for one little girl.

Our almost-7 month old little man.

The Haze. Who needed cuddles today and enjoyed having her dad "fix" her with a saw, screwdriver, and hammer. It was mostly her stomach that needed attention with the saw.

Later we are going to venture outside for some snow play as it has been dumping and dumping snow all week, but today is one of the first days that it's not completely freezing. It got down to -12 the other night. I think I've been in Idaho too long...I wasn't all that surprised.


Mary and Jim said...

Enjoy the cuddles from your un-cuddler! And I guess Dad cannot deny being related to Klaas! Love the teeth and the plaid shirt, too.

Shellie said...

I shouldn't read your blog on a day that I skipped lunch. It makes me hungry. I love the pictures of Hazel being cuddly and Klaas just being cute.