Thursday, February 03, 2011

A smattering of things

My baking assistant.

Hazel and I made a couple of Valentine's crafts this week. A heart garland and a little collage for above the sink.

One of our new favorite books is My Little Red Toolbox by Stephen T. Johnson. (Hazel is also very into Oh the Places You'll Go and Toad Overload, which is about the cane toad infestation in Australia. But that's another story.) Technically the toolbox book is Klaas', but he is nice enough to let Hazel play with it. Every page has a tool that pops out and an activity that goes with it (screwdriver and screws that turn, a pencil and erasable paper, hammer and nails, etc...). It keeps our little miss quite busy.

The zone.


Pretending to wash K's hair.
Our active scoocher.


Shellie said...

Darling crafts-and your assistant and the determined little mister are darling beyond words.
I love Hazel's choice of literature.

Grace said...

I was admiring these nice crafts Liz. Very fun.
Also I want to tell you again, dinner hit the spot.

Shellie said...

I was just scrolling through the pictures again when I came to the one labled "the zone." Although, it may refer to the expression, in my mind it refers to the spot as it seems to be the special place to claim in the yard to her and the little neighbor girl.